Hawthorne Tables

Jacky Hawthorne has taken his years of experience with aluminum fabrication and turned that into an incredible line of designer tables. These tables aren’t just beautiful, they are built to last for generations. Each table is one of a kind and can be customized for your specific home.

Check out the entire line of Designer Rustic Tables and Green Egg Tables!

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Designer Rustic Series

Jacky Hawthorne took his years of experience creating aluminum staging and other products and turned that into the base for these beautiful designer tables. Each table is built on a frame that simply put will last your grandchildren a lifetime. On top of these aluminum frames sits a variety of style options to fit your home. Each table can be customized for your specific style. These tables have more versatility than almost anything else on the market because they can be used as an island in your kitchen or used outside on the patio. The wheels are incredibly strong and durable and have a locking system to keep the tables exactly where you want them.

This is not your normal kitchen island. This is a generational piece of furniture that will become the centerpiece of any kitchen or outdoor entertaining area. Get your designer rustic table today by filling out the form below! Jacky will reach out to you personally to create the perfect table for you!

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Green Egg Tables

This is the ultimate companion for your Green Egg grill! The incredibly strong frame and beautifully functional design make this table the only Green Egg table of its kind!


Wall Art

Check out these one of a kind pieces of art created by Jacky Hawthorne. He only creates a small number of pieces each year so be sure to get yours before they are gone!

Flowing Steel Marble #2.jpg