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Solar energy has been a hot topic for homeowners for many years now. There has been a lot of misinformation about how it works and whether it’s actually a good option for homeowners. Unfortunately, there have been countless fly by night solar companies that pop up making big promises and leaving homeowners confused and sometimes in a financial bind.

That’s where TAC solar is different. TAC was founded by a team of solar veterans who understand how solar actually works and how it can be a great option for some homeowners. They also know that solar isn’t right for every situation and make a point of informing homeowners when it doesn’t make sense for them. If you’ve looked into solar before or just want to get a little information about whether or not it’s a good idea for you, you need to give TAC solar a call.


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Who is TAc solar?

TAC Solar is an energy management and conservation company that specializes in solar installation and HVAC in Texas. TAC Solar was founded in 2015 by President Danny de la Torre after 20 plus years in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field. The company began by serving the Dallas Fort Worth area and has quickly become one of the most reliable and efficient installers for the state of Texas.

TAC Solar’s team has installed solar projects for the past ten years and continues to grow and thrive, expanding its reach to projects outside of Texas and the United States. Our approach is to offer both a professional and personal experience for our customers, as TAC’s expert project management team works with home and business owners to survey, design, permit and install the most beneficial product for their needs. TAC works hand in hand with reputable solar sales and financing partners that make solar power a reality for customers searching for quality and affordable energy solutions.