Welcome To The THI Blog


Hey THI family. Welcome to the THI blog! This is where we will be posting information about new content as well as new sponsors that we bring onto the show. We want this to be a resource for you to get valuable information as well as entertainment. Our goal is to always bring you the best advice and put you in contact with the best professionals.

There are some projects that you can do yourself and others that are best left to the experts. Part of what we will be posting is information on how to tell whether your project is a DIY or a CTP (Call The Pro's) kind of project. 

We also want to hear from you. We love getting to hear your stories of your home improvement projects and how they turned out. So if you have a story or a project that you would like us to share or if you worked with one of our sponsors and want to share that experience please reach out to us! You can email tim@thipro.com. Please include photos and details. 

That's all for now but check back with us soon and we will look forward to hearing from you!

- THI Team