Issues With Remodeling Old Homes

Remodeling Old Homes Comes With Some Unique Challenges. 

Home codes are constantly changing and as we've seen so many times, many contractors cut corners to save time and money. So when you are considering remodeling your older home you have to worry about more than just the new updates you want. You also have to be aware of what could be waiting underneath the surface of your house. 

Old Building Standards. Homes built in the 80s and before often have electrical work that is not up to current code. Or you may run into framing that doesn't fit the city regulations anymore. You never know for sure what you are going to run into once you start opening up the walls. So what should you do about it?

Plan For The Problems. Gary Simms and the team at DFW Improved always encourage home owners, especially of older homes, to have a small contingency budget for any unforeseen problems that you may run into once you begin the project. That way you aren't left scrambling if you find that the previous builders didn't meet current standards. And if you end up not needing it, you have some money set aside to throw a great house party to show off your remodel! 

If you're in DFW and looking to remodel a room in your house or maybe the entire thing, give the team over at DFW Improved a call. They've done hundreds of remodels and have seen just about everything so they know how to make sure your project doesn't get derailed by unexpected issues.