Picking A Remodeler

Picking a remodeler can be a daunting task.

There are a couple things you can do before hand to help you make the right choice. Our first recommendation is to use one of the THI Trusted remodelers. If you aren't able to use one of our remodelers, here are some tips. 

1. Find Someone With Experience. This may seem obvious but remodelers come and go. There are a lot of fair weather remodelers who may have done remodeling for a while but haven't invested in building a business and a reputation. You may get a lower price from someone like this but you also run the risk that they won't be around if you run into a problem with your remodel. 

2. Get Reviews. Any contractor can find someone to give them a good review online. If you want to make sure that a remodeler has a track record of solid work it's important to go outside of the reviews they provide and research them. But also be aware that every remodeler has run into problems. That is the nature of remodeling. The great remodelers are the ones who know how to handle those problems the right way. 

In the DFW are we are excited to be working with DFW Improved as a trusted remodeling company that has built their reputation on great work and even better customer service.