How Much Can Radiant Barrier Save You In The Cold Months??

You’ve heard Jim talk about radiant barrier for years. It’s one of the best improvements you can make to your home and it will pay for itself in savings faster than almost anything else. But most people only associate radiant barrier with the summer months. But Radiant Barrier isn’t just for the hot months! In fact more and more people are realizing the benefits and energy savings are just as impactful in the cold months! Check out this testimonial from a DFW RBI customer about the benefits in the cold months!


“We had radiant barrier installed in the summer and received the obvious benefits of reduced heat and lower A/C bills but didn’t realize until it got cold that the radiant barrier would also help with keeping us warm in the winter. It’s so effective in reflecting the heat that we pay for back into our home that we can set the thermostat very low and save a ton of money in the winter too. We set our temperature several degrees lower than we used to and have seen serious savings on our monthly energy bills in the cold months as well as the hot months. Since radiant barrier is so affordable to begin with, having it installed for year-round savings is a no brainer.”

-Carol H-

If you’ve been thinking about getting radiant barrier in your home don’t put it off till next summer. You’ll be throwing away money all winter long and you’ll miss out on a fantastic offer from DFW RBI! Right now if you get your free estimate before the end of November you will get 20% off the cost of installation! That could save you hundreds of dollars!!

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