Stihl HSA 56 Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

Thank you to Plano Power Equipment for providing the equipment for this review. I was excited to get my hands on this product because I wanted to see for myself the improvements that have been made to battery powered tools. 

There were three main aspects of the Hedge Trimmer that I wanted to test. 
1. Lightweight - Stihl said the Hedge Trimmer is lightweight and won't wear out your arms. 
2. Well Balanced - Stihl said the Trimmer is well balanced and easy to maneuver. 
3. Safety Features - Stihl said the safety features built into this Trimmer make it very safe to use. 

- HSA 56 Batter Powered Hedge Trimmer

We were more than impressed with the results of our test. The HSA 56 is an easy to use lightweight and well balanced trimmer. The safety features make it very difficult to turn on unless you are trying to use it properly. I think it's a great option for the weekend warrior or anyone needing to do a decent amount of trimming.