Stihl iMow Robot Law Mower

It's every guys dream! Mowing the lawn WHILE you golf!! 

This lawn mower is one of the most exciting tools that Stihl is coming out with in my opinion. It turns a job that most people don't enjoy and turns it into something you don't even have to think about. Rodney Behrends with Stihl showed me how the mower works. 

Some of my favorite features are.

1. You Set The Schedule: The iMow will mow on a schedule that you set. This allows you to get your lawn mowed whenever is convenient. You can have it mow the lawn during the afternoon or even over night. 

2. It's QUIET!: I was really surprised that the iMow makes as little noise as it does. This quiet motor noise is what makes it possible to mow during the night without worrying about annoying your neighbors. 

3. Professionally Installed: The iMow is installed by a certified Stihl dealer to make sure that it works correctly. This means it's even easier to get a worry free lawn. All you have to do is go purchase the mower and they take care of the rest. 

4. GOLF: In my opinion the time savings alone make the iMow something to seriously consider. Imagine all the time you spend mowing, weeding, taking care of your lawn, is now available for other things you're passionate about. Such as golf! 

Let me know what you think about the iMow!! I will add the follow up videos as we produce them!