War Story From Deavers Engineering

I Asked Deavers Engineering To Send Me A War Story And What He Sent Truly Highlights The Value An Independent Engineer Can Offer. 

Foundation Story


I had a young man call me and he had a contract with a major builder to build a house in the Rosenberg Area.  He had selected a choice cul-de-sac lot and paid a premium for the lot.  He and his wife were going to watch their dream home being built.  He watched them prepare for the foundation and then finally the day arrived and the foundation was poured.
He went out the next day and the foundation had a crack in the concrete that went all the way across the house from left to right and extended down to ground.  He was very concerned and called me out to give my opinion.  I met him and inspected the crack and determine that the crack was a failure crack and needed to be fixed.
I wrote him a letter telling him the foundation needed to be replaced.  Builder got their engineer to counter my letter saying everything was ok and that I had no idea what I was talking about.
He asked me to meet with their on site people and discuss the issue.
I met with their management and buyer and told them it was a cold joint in the concrete and that the concrete should have 2500 psi concrete for everything to be ok
I said  the only way to prove concrete is ok is to core the concrete.  I told them to get a core company to come out and take 3 cores in the center of the crack and test those cores to see if they are ok.
They did and when the cores were taken they broke in 2 pieces showing no strength

The builder returned the young man his money after about 3 months


If something looks wrong there is a chance it could be wrong.

I charged the man $400.00 which saved the young man thousands of dollars

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