Radiant Barrier Just Became An Even Better Option!!

Our friends at DFW Radiant Barrier and Insulation are offering an end of summer special! 

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Radiant Barrier is one of the fastest return on investment home improvement upgrades you can make. It saves you money year round on your electricity bill and makes you house a lot more comfortable. It can even help you HVAC system last longer by not having to work as hard to keep your house comfortable. 

Jim talks about radiant barrier almost every week on the show so you know it's one of his favorite products. If you've been considering getting radiant barrier you need to give DFW RBI a call! They have a special offer for THI listeners for the end of summer. 

- Save 20% off the cost of installation IF YOU GET THE ESTIMATE BY THE END OF AUGUST!
- Saves you $500 off the total cost of a 200 sqft house! 
- Estimate is good for 90 days! 

Call Today!! 817-205-2232

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