The Stihl Robot Lawn Mower Is Amazing!!

"I was really excited to follow up with Rodney Behrends about how his iMow robot lawn mower had been working for him. I couldn't have been more impressed!"

I went over to Rodney Behrends house to follow up on a previous video we did showcasing the Stihl iMow robot lawn mower. Rodney is the regional sales manager for Stihl. He had the robot installed so that he could see for himself how the mower worked and if the benefits really did meet with what Stihl was saying about the mower. 

Some of the benefits that are supposed to come along with this mower are.
- Healthier Lawn
- Less Watering Needed
- Fewer Weeds
- Thicker Grass
- Less Time Spent Maintaining Lawn

After a full spring and summer season Rodney was ecstatic to let us know that the iMow has been as good as advertised. You can see for yourself how healthy and strong his yard has become this year. 

The Stihl iMow Retails for $1,299 for the smaller option and $1,999 for the larger mower. 

You can get more information about the iMow at your local Stihl dealer.