Episode 1 of Texas Home Improvement the TV Show!!

Check out episode 1 of Texas Home Improvement! This episode has a series of quick segments on a variety of topics!

Get In Contact With The Experts From Episode 1!!

Topics Covered!

  • Radiant Barriers

    • Jim explains how radiant barrier works and why it’s a great DIY for home owners!

  • Rooftop Gardens!

    • Chris Arrington with Arrington roofing talks about how the technology in the roofing industry has changed dramatically allowing for some pretty exciting options. Including a rooftop garden!

  • Hawthorne Tables

    • Jacky Hawthorne talks about how he started Hawthorne tables and what makes them a unique and beautiful kitchen island option.

  • Cracks In Concrete Driveway

    • Jim answers a question about whether you should be worried about the small cracks in your concrete that show up over time.

  • Stihl Chainsaw Battle

    • We put two Stihl chainsaws up against each other. One electric and one gas. We wanted to see if the electric saw could hang with the gas powered saw.

  • Tankless vs Tank Water Heater

    • Thinking about getting a tankless water heater? Jim explains why he is such a fan of tankless water heaters.

  • DIY Home Remodeling

    • Before you hire a contractor for that major home remodel, check out what Frank Shelton has to say about the benefits of being your own GC.

  • Fixing A Ghosting Door

    • Have a door that closes itself? It might be a ghosting door and there’s an easy fix for that!

  • Design Challenge

    • We challenge Shellie Stewart with Floor and Decor to help us fix a hypothetical design problem that many homeowners face when updating their bathrooms!

  • Is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous?

    • Jim explains why people think that aluminum wiring is dangerous and what you can do to make sure that you don’t have any problems if you have aluminum wiring in your home.