The Right Way To Do A Major DIY Home Remodel!

Frank Shelton with UBuildIt talked to us about how you can do a major remodel yourself.

There is a great option for doing a major remodel on your house that most people don’t know about. Instead of grabbing a hammer and doing it all yourself or calling an expensive general contractor to do it for you, you can split the difference.

UBuildIt has a fantastic program for remodeling that allows you to be in control while giving you the peace of mind of having the expertise of an experienced contractor.

What Are Some Benefits

  • Save up to 30-40% off the cost of working with a general contractor

  • You have more control over how the project turns out and can make adjustments as you go.

  • Planning, advice, and site visits during the remodel from the UBuildIt team to make sure everything is going correctly.

The UBuildIt system is a fantastic option that you need to consider before you start your next major remodel!