DIY Foundation Watering!! SAVE MONEY!!

You Don't Have To Pay Thousands of Dollars To Get A Foundation Watering System! But Having One Can Save You A Ton Of Money!

Jim explains exactly what you need to buy in order to set up the perfect automated foundation watering system for your home. It's not complicated but you need to make sure you know what you're doing and don't over soak or under water your foundation. 

Products Needed
1. Soaker Hoses (as many as you need to go around your house)
2. Watering Timer
3. Water Filter (Screen Filter)
4. 2 "y" Brackets
5. Backflow Preventer
6. Anti Siphon
7. Pressure Regulator

Follow the step by step process Jim lays out and you'll have a system up and running in no time! 

Let Us Know If You Install A Foundation Soaker At Your Home!