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U Built It allows you to have control of building your dream home. Our process gives you control of how your home is built while also giving you the expertise of a custom home builder to lean on though the entire process. We know that the idea of building your own home can be intimidating. That's why we encourage anyone who has thought about building their own home before to go to one of our seminars and see how U Built It can make that dream a reality. 

What To expect at a seminar

At our seminars you can expect to learn. You will be given a lot of information about our process. We will walk you through a typical build scenario to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to build your own home. We will introduce you to some of our subcontractors. These are the people you would be working with directly to make sure your home is exactly what you are wanting. We will explain the cost benefits of working with U Build It and how you could actually save tens of thousands of dollars verses hiring a custom home builder. You can keep these savings or put them into additional upgrades to your home. We will also have the following people at our seminar to answer additional questions. 

*LENDER to answer questions regarding construction loans, pre-qualifying, etc.,
*INSURANCE AGENT to assist with your insurance needs during construction as well as upon completion with Builders Risks & Homeowners Insurance.
*DESIGNER to discuss preparing your blue prints /plans and assist with selections.
*BEHR PAINT REP to discuss how they partner with UBuildIt to not only save you money but also assist you with YOUR paint selections.
*PROSOURCE REP to help you find inspiration and create the look you want for YOUR project.

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top 3 questions people ask about U Build It

1. Can I Really Save Thousands Of Dollars? By acting as your own general contractor you save the 20-30% that most general contractors include into their cost to build your home for you. 

2. How Do I Design My Home? You will sit down with our design team to plan the layout and look of your house. Don't worry if you don't have everything figured out before hand. Our years of experience allow us to take your dream and put it down on paper. 

3. What If Something Goes Wrong On The Build? Our team will visit the build site over 20 times during the process of construction and specifically at the important points to make sure everything is done correctly. But should a problem come up we work with you to make sure it gets fixed the right way.