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The U Build It System

Our unique consulting service assists homeowners with overseeing and managing the entire planning and building process. By following these links, you can learn more about the UBuildIt System for Custom Homes and Remodel/Additions.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Budget evaluation & assessment

  • Property location and/or evaluation

  • Referrals to preferred, cost-effective Owner-Builder lending sources

  • Designer or Architect referrals & design development oversight

  • Impartial material & technology assessment

  • Construction planning, specification development & bidding

  • Technical & professional on-site consultations from start to finish

  • Access to proven, qualified & reliable subcontractors & suppliers

  • 24/7 phone access & support


  • You are in control of the entire project

  • You receive the advantage of volume builder discounts and leverage from our preferred subcontractors and suppliers

  • You reap the rewards and efficiencies of utilizing our proven system

  • You can have the upgrades, extra amenities or square footage you deserve in your custom home

  • You get one-on-one attention, response and courtesy from our subcontractors and suppliers because you are a UBuildIt client

  • You establish a relationship and work with a dedicated construction expert who will assist you with every aspect of the planning & building process

  • You will complete your project with a bigger, better home and often times with a high level of equity

  • Banks prefer working with UBuildIt clients and offer incentives accordingly