Fall Is Tree Season!

Most people don't know this but fall is the perfect time to plant trees. It's also an important time to make sure that your trees are in good shape. Matt Latham from www.ustreecare.com sat down in our studio and explained why Fall is really tree season. 

Important things to do for your tree’s in the fall!

1.     Mulch your trees. Put down about 1-2 inches all the way out to the edge of the canopy. Replace existing mulch if it hasn’t been replaced recently.

2.     Fall is a great time to trim your trees. With the ice storms we have in texas it is important to trim your trees so they won’t break off in a storm.

3.     Keep watering! You don’t have to water as much as you do in the summer but continue to water your trees on a regular basis to ensure they remain healthy during the fall and winter.

4.     Check into any issues! You can get a good idea of how healthy your tree is by looking for unusual colors or fungal issues. This is a good time to start addressing these issues. Bring in an expert to make sure you take care of any problems that do exist.

5.     Fertilize. A lot of issues with your trees are caused by underlying stressors that can be improved with proper fertilization.

6.     Plant trees! Fall and winter are the best times to plant a tree because it will give them time to get established before the harsh summer weather hits.

Contact Matt and his team at US Tree Care for more information!