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Stihl iMow

Recently Stihl and Plano Power Equipment came out to my house to install an iMow robot lawn mower in my yard. I will be documenting how the iMow handles the uneven landscape and sandy soil that exists at my house. This is not a paid endorsement they gave me the iMow to test out and I will be sharing my real life experiences with it!
Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about the iMow or you can reach out to the amazing staff at Plano Power Equipment (972) 423-5220


Time Saved With iMow: 20hrs

This is a counter based on the amount of time I had previously been spending mowing my yard. I will be updating this tracker to show the amount of time having the iMow has saved me by not having to mow my yard.

How To Replace The iMow Blade

Replacing the blade on an imow is really easy and fast! You won’t even need any additional tools!

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The “Before” Video

I wanted to create a video to show you what my yard looks like “before” I’ve really seen the benefits of the iMow. I’ve already had the iMow for a couple weeks so it’s already changed my yard a bit but this process is really about how it helps my yard going into next year. There are some pretty big potential benefits that I’m hoping to see so I wanted the before videos to be as honest as possible. No crazy overgrown yard or anything like that.

This journey will take a while but hopefully you’ll stick around and watch! For more information about the iMow contact Plano Power Equipment!

Step One - The Installation

I have been push mowing my lawn for the last year and a half and it’s meant 2-3 hours a weekend spent sweating out in the yard. I didn’t get a riding lawn mower because the undulation in my yard would mean scalping it or uneven grass.

The installation process with Plano Power Equipment was incredibly smooth and straight forward. They came out to my house, we walked the yard and decided exactly where I wanted the iMow to mow. Once we had that decided they began installing the perimeter. This is done with a cable laying machine that installed the perimeter wire in the ground around my yard as well as two trees. This process took approximately two and a half hours. We hooked up the docking station to a power source and the iMow was ready to start learning my yard. I will be adding new posts as I watch how the iMow handles my yard.

Get more information about the iMow by contacting Plano Power Equipment