What To Do After A Hurricane

Experiencing a hurricane can be life altering event. Those affected will face difficult challenges as they strive to return to normalcy. Having experienced Hurricane Harvey in the Texas gulf coast we wanted to share some tips and advice to help you get back up on your feet quickly.

Storm Photo 1.jpg

Cleaning Up After The storm

Here are the first steps you should take once you are back in the home. Acting quickly will minimize long term damage that can come from leaving flooding and other issues unaddressed. If you have any questions about these tips please send us a message!


Recovery Of a flooded car

Your vehicle may have flooded but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a total loss. These tips will help to save your vehicle.


Hiring a contractor

Once the initial shock of a massive storm is passed you are faced with the tough job of finding good contractors to help you get your home back where it needs to be. There will be a lot of contractors offering services, but there will also be a lot of scams and unqualified individuals marketing themselves. It’s important to follow some basic steps to avoid hiring the wrong people.